Friday, August 04, 2006

I really wish Indian journalism could be a little more fearless, both print and television , many of the indian news channels instead of tackling and discussing the hard issues, now have degenerated to sensationalist news reporting, stuff that you would see only in tabloids, maybe its just a reflection of the indian public as a whole, reluctance to talk about something that everyone knows is a problem but no one wants to address, so take the easier escapist route instead, the channels are just meeting a need. The one quality channel that we have, NDTV, is unfortunately a leftist mouthpiece . Well anyways another great article from TR Jawahar, he is able to get to the crux of the matter mainly because he doesn't take the head-in-the-sand ostrich approach, something that most of the rest in the country are adept at doing.

Secularism: Solace or a scourge?

'We have to build a noble mansion of a free India where all her children may dwell': These are words from the famous Tryst with Destiny speech of Jawaharlal Nehru, delivered at the midnight hour when India attained independence. But, unfortunately, that was also the hour when, a few hundred kilometres away, on either side of new India's new border with the new Pakistan, countless Hindus, the children alluded to by Nehru, were butchered in what had till then been their home. And Nehru knew pretty well what was happening.
Cut to a few months later: Mahatma Gandhi goes on a fast demanding that the new government of India immediately pay off the 'amounts due to Pakistan', notwithstanding objections even from Nehru and Patel, apart from the overwhelming national opinion against it. And this when scores of Hindus in Punjab and elsewhere were being systematically deprived of their ancestral and hard earned properties, through destruction or plain usurpation by Muslim mobs with the overt support of Jinnah's establishment. And Gandhi, too, was quite update on their plight.

Cut again, now to the present: Home Minister Shivraj Patil, addressing a symposium on Madrasas, says ' Madrasas are not centres of terrorism. They are seats of social service, where knowledge of humanism is being imparted and human values are taught'. The blood spilled by the Mumbai blasts have not dried. World over Madrasas have come under close scrutiny and there is not just a clamour for their reform but even a clampdown on them for their bigoted religious education even in rank Islamic countries. Yet, our Home Minister, who is in charge of internal security, offers a post haste clean chit and certification for the Madarasas in India, en masse.

Now what signal is the Home Minister sending to the investigating authorities who report to him, the enemies they purportedly target and the teeming multitudes of India, whom those enemies are now targetting? Well, the message is no different from what Nehru and Gandhi were delivering to the nation and its tormentors during those fateful days: That Indians are suckers, will see or hear no evil and have enough cheek, only to show and offer to as many bullies for them to slap and slam!'

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At 8:19 AM, Blogger sage_of_dio said...

it's not so easy. we're still poor and have many problems to deal with. we're still not at par even with SE asia. we don't have abundant resources to sell. and the decision to make india secular was taken 60 yrs by a group of anglophile assholes and continued by their slaves. only now we're slowly waking up and re-examining who we were and are. forget abt US and EU, we can't even act like israel, who has the overt backing of the US and covert one of the EU. every yr, 30bn USD is officially given by US taxpayers to israel. and this is just over the table funds! then, take into acct that the leaders of many arab nations are US puppets and u understand why israel can storm into lebanon. if india had the same cozy treatment, even we would've stormed into pak and bangla...or am i being too optimistic here? most likely our lallus would've eaten all the aid money themselves.


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