Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Finally, I found the right article on the mumbai blasts to post on this blog. This editor really puts things in crystal clear perspective echoing many of our own thoughts on the current state of affairs.

Suicidal silence of the lambs

As I write this, the Israeli military is relentlessly bombarding the airport of Beirut, the capital of Lebanon. The reason for the rain of hell fire is the kidnapping of two Israeli soldiers by the Lebanese terror outfit, Hezbollah. So, is Israel overreacting? Apparently yes. But given the history of Islamic violence that Israel had to contend with particularly in the context of its vulnerable geography too, surrounded as it is by Islamic nations with their legendary hatred for anything Jewish, its actions reveals a stern wisdom borne out of experience: the only language Islamic terror understands is counter terror, preferably pre-emptive! Nip it in the bud, before they turn you into a corpse, which is not a possibility but an eventuality. Little surprise, therefore, that the jehadis deem Israel a tough nut to crack, a small nation of a David holding out against violent Islamist Goliaths all around.
This prelude is presented out of both frustration and inspiration; frustration because of the way Indians have been rendered sitting ducks by a combination of factors, mostly self-inflicted, to the bombs of Islamic terrorists: inspiration, because if India has the will, Israel has already shown the way. If the holding of just two soldiers warrants a war, what should be India's payback to the Islamists for the gallons of 'kafir' Indian blood that they have spilled over the years in the name of their religion? But alas, Bharat somehow still seems to love its blissful confinement to the negotiating table, even as the battlefield beckons. The 'will' to take on the terrorists is nowhere in sight and hence it is frustration that finally overwhelms inspiration, unless you are an incurable dreamer or a fan of Vijayakanth, who has killed more terrorists on screen than have our forces.

rest of article here: http://newstodaynet.com/point/1507ss1.htm

Thursday, July 13, 2006

Just a few thoughts on the Mumbai Bombings:

I am not even sure what India's response to the Mumbai bombings could possibly be, the incompetence of our indian intelligence is matched by the accompanying lack of political will on the part of our rulers. The Indian political leadership has never been very strong except when it comes to holding onto their seats, but this one takes the cake. This prime minister is officially the worst leader India has ever had, he is weak and spineless, and he overtly demonstrates this when he attempts to make statesman like speeches, he neither inspires nor assures. Every word that he utters, has the tone of a man who is nothing but weak and helpless, as if he needs constant pitying. His address to the nation after the blasts, far from assuaging the pain of the people and assuring them that the state will act decisively, actually tells us why the terrorists will strike again. They know, the consequences won't be very severe with such an impotent leadership at the helm of affairs. As for the spirit of the common man, the mumbaikar, for being able to tide over this, it is no doubt admirable but, with more such attacks, it is going to start to look more like cold indifference towards the death and suffering of the victims of such attacks and less as an ability to move on. There has to be some response from the people, the govt comes from the people and reflects their attitude, this kind of tolerance of any kind of dastardly act is only going to encourage the terorists to carry out even more horrific acts in the future. Indians can obviously start by throwing out this govt next elections, the BJP isn't exactly awe inspiring, but at least they have a little more conviction and nationalistic feeling unlike this power hungry bunch of scoundrels who for votes will goto the extent of appeasing a minority that is increasingly turning its back on India. Most of this community has pretty much decided that its future is an Islamic one, not an Indian one and this is the other major reason why such bomb blasts will continue to take place in our trains(Mumbai), markets(Delhi), workplaces (Bangalore), temples(Varanasi) and wherever else fear can be spread. The truth is, many of us haven't quiet understood the real meaning of tolerance, for many it is just a clever way of disguising our inability to take action, this is the manmohan singh brand of tolerance. Rajeev Srinivasan put this brilliantly on his blog when he talks about our tolerance, it is "an example of the tolerance of the weak. the weak *have* to tolerate oppression -- they have no choice; and there is nothing noble about it. " One thing is for sure, our inability to act and respond strongly looks even more shameful when contrasted with the response of the Israelis towards extremists and those who support them and their cause, they are a beacon, showing the way to the rest of the world, showing exactly how states should be dealing with this menace to society.

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