Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Here is an excellent article I found regarding the political indifference of the Indian Middle Class (probably the most politically inactive middle class in the world)and their inability to influence policy in the country, really sad if you think about it, the middle class votes should be the cornerstone of any democracy, if it is to move in the right direction.

The middle class deserves what it is getting

May 17, 2006

Use of 'reservations' as a tool for increasing political support base suffers from a dual paradox. One, even though 'reservations' is a populist measure, it doesn't bring new votes; but it might lose you votes.

Second, the moment a person is empowered, he will no longer be beholden to the party or person who empowered him. After all, isn't empowerment all about being able to exercise choice?

Indeed, once empowered, an individual and a community will not be satisfied with the sops given in the past; their demands will increase and political players will find it increasingly difficult to live up to rising expectations of the newly empowered.

This is why Bijli-Sadak-Paani (BSP) and issues like law and order are taking centre-stage in areas where once Mandir and Mandal ruled the roost.

Reservation: The economic factor

The politics of competitive reservations is useful only until the policy is implemented. Once reservations are implemented, they stop yielding any dividend to their advocates. Remember the Hindi saying; 'Bund mutthi lakh ki, khul gayi to khaak ki' (the closed fist is worth a lakh, but once it is open it is worth nothing).

Look at what happened to V P Singh. He is so rootless that he is reduced to trying to project himself as a messiah of the weak by protesting against eviction of slum-dwellers, and this, not in his local constituency -- which he doesn't have -- but in Delhi where he can't win a resident welfare association election.

The fate of 'leaders' like Human Resources Minister Arjun Singh, who have lost even the pretension of having any sort of a mass base among the electorate and yet continue to espouse anachronistic policies that they hope will make them relevant once again, will be no different.

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At 10:32 AM, Blogger beertap said...

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At 10:33 AM, Blogger beertap said...

The middle class singles are busy devising ways to get Bijli, the hot bong chic, the wedlocked are already on the IT career Sadak, while the rest, losers, are drinking whisky that's BSP for the middle class!

Reservations, a populist measure? should not be a measure at all - It takes the case system for granted, which devalues the overall indian brand, adversely affecting all our attempts at courting the [carmen] electras of the world instead of poor babe bijli!


At 7:43 AM, Blogger Passing Observer said...

Yep, this was probably the kick up the ass that we really deserved. In fact I have a theory that one of the reasons why the BJP isn't as vocal in its oppositon to this is becuase they probbaly feel the urban middle class deserves what its getting. Afterall, the biggest beneficiaries of BJP rule was the urban middle class, the ones for whom India was truly Shining, and look how they repaid them, by not voting, probably too busy enjoying their café latte in some air conditioned coffee shop on election day. You want good leaders, start by at least voting, even an illiterate indian villager knows that!


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